Here is a review written by Becca who saw Hurried Steps at The Cockpit Theatre in November 2013

“I heard about the ‘Hurried Steps’ play through the Westminster domestic violence forum which I am involved in. I was instantly intrigued when I read that the play was based on true stories from real women as I feel that there is nothing more powerful than hearing of real experiences by real women.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I got there, whether it would be acted out or just narrated. When the play started I was instantly captivated. The introductions of each actor and actress set the scene and they began to tell ‘their’ story. The actors played children, adults, men, women, police officers, nurses, the list goes on. They were able to switch from a Belgian accent to a Welsh one within minutes but each character was just as real as the last. The stories were upsetting, moving, powerful and hard hitting.

I have never watched a play that has been so truthful about what is going on in the world when it comes to domestic violence, which is not a bad thing! The play told the stories of 8 real women from across the globe and their real experiences and opened my eyes to the true reality of domestic violence across countries and cultures. I liked that the actors were subtle in their presence but powerful in their voice and emotions. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way as it made me listen very intently to their voices and emotions without being distracted by movement or stage productions.

I am pleased that the play featured men as it made the stories much more real and powerful.

This play made me want to stand up and fight for the rights of women and girls to be free from violence and abuse even more than I already do on a daily basis. I couldn’t fault the play. I have not stopped talking about it since I saw it and would recommend it to everyone as people need to know about what is going on not only in the UK but all across the world and we need to stand up as one to stop domestic violence.”

Audience Review