Brighton Workshop & Performance:

We spent two months devising with the Miss Represented group which is based at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre, it was the first time they’d performed on stage and they now continue to devise and perform their own shows.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The group were inspired to work with New Shoes Theatre after seeing Hurried Steps at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre.  The group devised a story based on the words ‘Cinderella Answers Back’.  They called their show “The Cinderella Story Remix”.

They developed new performance skills including playwriting, dance and singing as well as communication skills and engaging in visual arts activities.

Miss Represented is a project developed by Rebecca Fidler, Learning Access and Participation Manager at the Brighton Dome and the Brighton Youth Offending Service.

The project culminated in a presentation at The Brighton Dome Studio Theatre on International Women’s Day.[/read]

“Right at the beginning – there was the soliloquy where a girl starts with, “I really miss my dad…” and I felt the wind being knocked out of me. You were there so you know how amazing it was, a real achievement from the young women.”
Nick Morgan, Head of Ideas,

“You guys rocked tonight”  Twitter – Brightonfeed

This “Cinderella Answers Back” workshop was funded by Awards for All through the Big Lottery,  The Brenda Ford Foundation through the Sussex Community Foundation and generously supported by our partners; Brighton Dome Theatre & Festival and The Brighton Youth Offending Service.


Cinderella Answers Back