Performed at NIDA Theatres, Playhouse and New Theatre, Newtown


There was much debate before using this photo, not least because the performance is presented in the Oratorio style. 

Dacia Maraini wrote the play using REAL Amnesty Testimonies and contemporary reports corroborated from different sources.  She wrote Hurried Steps to show that, despite the great advances for women’s rights,  so many REAL women still experience violence in different guises.  She also wrote the play so that there can be a long discussion afterwards about what can still be done and what is being done to change things:  #metoo .  

There were some awesome panel members who are actively supporting women in Australia and we were proud to give them a platform.

The Australian cast:  Oliva Brown, Grant Cartwright, Bodelle de Ronde, Lex Marinos and Emele Ugavule.

Hurried Steps controversy in Australia
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