Emma Dennis-Edward’s play, The Yard, is a very funny but searingly poignant look at the plight of a family which has been managing perfectly well until their world is turned upside-down by the unexpected arrival of Enoch. Not only does he bring his own personal & emotional baggage with him but he peels off the surface layers that have, until his uninvited visit, enabled everything to run smoothly. Single parent and capable matriarch Sharon keeps and runs the house for her daughter and grand daughter who regard her as an invincible rock.  No-one can afford to go and live anywhere else because it’s London and besides they’ve lived together for so long that it’s how home (the yard) should be. Then Enoch arrives and cracks appear.  Cracks which open up more than Sharon’s unseen vulnerabilities.  We worked with W14 productions to facilitate a two week workshop and reading of the play.  Congratulations Emma on being nominated for the Alfred Fagon Award!

photo of Michelle Asante
Michelle Asante
The Yard is nominated for the Alfred Fagon Award