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Trigger Warning: The play contains descriptions of various forms of violence against women and girls.

This powerful play throws a spotlight on the issue of violence against women and girls.​ It is beautifully designed by Camberwell Press for practical use in performance and features a preface by Dacia Maraini and a foreword by Bianca Jagger.  

The edition does not include the latest Kubra story which is about Female genital mutilation (FGM/C) story. The entire Kubra text is available in Staging Violence Against Women and Girls: Plays and Interviews, edited by Daniela Cavallero, Luciana d’Arcangelo and Claire Kennedy, published by Bloomsbury. The book also includes an interview with New Shoes Theatre’s Artistic Director, Nicolette Kay. The Kubra story was written for our Hurried Steps performances in Sydney and performed with grant support from the British Council & the Arts Council of Great Britain.

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